At the OVC Smith Lane Animal Hospital, we are fully equipped to provide a positive experience for all companion animals, from cats and dogs to pocket pets. Our spacious lobby has been constructed in order to allow you to determine the amount of animal interaction your pet may experience, providing them with a stress-free visit. If your pet has a quiet temperament and would be nervous around an excited animal, then feel free to position yourself in our comfortable seating area which offers lots of space and separation to make your stress-free visit possible.

Is your pet overly excited or stressed about visiting the vet? No problem! At the PHC, we have multiple exam rooms available, so if your pet requires a quiet room while you wait for your appointment to begin, we can provide that as well. Between appointments, be sure to bring your pet in for a visit! This way, your pet will become more accustomed to the positive experience of our clinic.

Cat Friendly

Our clinic and staff at the PHC have taken many steps to ensure that your cat’s visit is both positive and comfortable.

  • Nervous cats may be placed immediately into an exam room upon arrival (at your request) to ensure a quiet environment with no human or animal traffic.
  • Calming synthetic pheromones can be used to allow your cat to sense familiar surroundings throughout the experience
  • Respecting your cat’s sensitivity to smells, we minimize their exposure to odours like perfumes or room/air fresheners

Dog Friendly

The staff at PHC wants to ensure that you and your canine companion are well taken care of while visiting our clinic.

  • Treats and attention are in high supply for dogs that love interaction as part of their day
  • Toys can be made available if your dog needs a fun distraction during their stay
  • Exam rooms can be provided for nervous or excited dogs who would benefit from a little privacy